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Vietnam Veterans of America

Chapter 142

P.O. Box 1407

Monroe, Michigan 48161  

Vet Hotline (734) 457-4VET  


"A country is not only known for the men and women it produces...but also for the men and women it honors.

In times of war, and not before, God and soldiers men adore...but in times of peace, with all things righted, God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.

The History of Heck Park

The Site of the Monroe County Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Take a Virtual Tour of Monroe's Pride 'Heck Park'


Visit a Great Web Site Dedicated to the Memory of Melvin Carnils Dye

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Chapter 142 Hall of Presidents

We Honor Our Chapter's Leaders, Past and Present


About Our Organization

Chapter 142 Community Calendar, Fund Raisers, Projects, Special Events

Be Sure to Visit the Chapter 142 Online Store!

Chapter 142 Online Store

Purchase Jackets, Sweat Shirts, T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Flag Cases,

and many other quality items for the Vietnam Veteran


The Chapter 142 Art Gallery


The Chapter 142 Meeting Room

Our Own Chat and Meeting Place in Cyberspace


Poems by Veterans


The Chapter 142 Patriotic Music Library

Listen to and Download All of Your Favorite Patriotic Songs in MIDI Format


Chronology of U.S. Involvement in Vietnam

Find Out Just When the U.S. First Sent Troops to Vietnam


Write Your State Representative

Names and Addresses for All Districts in All 50 States  


State of Michigan VVA Council Info Site

It's not the price you paid to become a's the price you paid to become eligible.


United States Army

United States Navy

United States Air Force

United States Marine Corps

United States War Museum

The American War Library

The Vietnam Veterans Home Page

How to Get Your Earned Service Medals

Vietnam Veterans Organizations

Take a Virtual Visit Through the Vietnam War

History of the Vietnam War 101

Interactive On-line Discussion Forum on the History of the War in Vietnam


Veteran Net

Veterans Helping Veterans

An Employment Resource Service for the Purpose of

"Serving All of Those Who Served"


A Web Site for Military Women

For Military Women-Those on Active Duty or Not


Vietnam Resource Collection

The Vietnam War Resource Guide

Vietnam Veterans Corner

Search for Buddies


The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

Visit "The Wall"


Veterans Organizations and Support Groups

Forum on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Question and Answer Forum on PTSD


Disabled American Veterans


National Veterans Organization Information Service

Vietnam Veterans of America

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Library of Congress P.O.W./M.I.A. Database  

   Searchable On-line Database   


  U.S. Army Veterans Organization

U.S. Marines Veterans Organization

NamVet Newsletter for Vietnam Veterans Reunions

Information on Individual Unit Reunions, Homecomings, Gatherings, Newsletters,

"Finder Services" Resources, and Points of Contact


Lost and Found      

    WWW Locator for Veterans and Friends of Veterans Looking for Other Vietnam Veterans


Chopper Links

U.S. Armed Forces Aviation Links Chopper Art, Chopper History


The Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association



The KIA Wing

Collects Names and Burial Information of Every American

Who Died While Serving in Uniform


U.S. Army Special Forces

Special Ops, The Men, History, Training, Technology, SF Locator-Active and Former,

SF Mythology, References


Special Operations-Special Forces

General Info, SF Vietnam Memorial, USASOC, History, Units Vet Resources, Ops, Weapons, Specialties, Literature, Aircraft, Intelligence, Locators, Equipment,

Free Special Ops Screensavers

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  "There is no greater thing than that a man lay down his life for his fellows..."



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