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When their names were tolled
By the Liberty Bell-
To go to Nam;
Into perilous hell-
They heeded the call
And overcame all fears-
Though loved ones left behind
Were overcome by tears-
Those who returned,
No glory or fame-
Just pent up feelings
Of injustice and shame-
For those who died,
Went through hell for naught-
Are there any sane reasons
Why this war was fought?
  by George M. Smith,  WWII  Veteran, U.S.Army Airborne
c 1988
 APO 96225
A young man once went to war
In a far off country.
When he had time, he wrote home and said,
"Sure rains a lot here."
But his mother, reading between the lines, wrote:
"We're quite concerned. Tell us what it's really like."
And the young man responded,"Wow, you ought to see the funny monkeys."
To which his mother replied,
"Don't hold back; how is it?"
And the young man wrote,
"The sunsets here are spectacular."
In her next letter, the mother wrote;
"Son, we want you to tell us everything."
So, the next time, he wrote;
"Today, I killed a man.
Yesterday, I helped drop napalm on women and children.
Tomorrow, we are going to use gas."
And the father wrote back;
"Please don't write such depressing letters.
You're upsetting your mother."
So, after a while, the young man wrote;
"Sure rains a lot here..."
-Larry Rottman
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