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Welcome to the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 142 Online Store

The VVA Chapter 142 Store is





Jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, and sweats are available in sizes up to XXXXL


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V V A Logo Jackets

Color or White

T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Available Styles Include:

1 & 2

3 & 4


6 & 7

Our Golf and Polo Shirts

Are Currently Available in These Styles

1, 2 & 3

4,5 & 6

Caps and Vietnam Vet Watches

Our Available Styles Include:

1 & 2


Sweat Shirts
Large Flag and Service Medal

Display Case

American and POW-MIA

Vehicle Flags

Smaller Flag Display Case
American Flags and


Assorted Mugs and Cups

Chapter 142 also offers many different types of high quality Patches and Pins,

along with Custom Made Dogtags

Please Inquire for availability and prices

More Items for the Vietnam Veteran will be coming to the Chapter 142 Online Store SOON!

Bookmark this site and return often.



VVA Logo Jackets-

Available in black - white - red.

Thin lining- $65.00

Pile lining- $95.00



Available in black - white - grey.

Sizes S-XL- $14.00

2X-4X- $16.00


Tank Tops

Available in black - white - grey.

Sizes S-XL- $14.00

2X-4X- $16.00


Polo-Golf Shirts

Available in cream - green - navy - grey

Sizes M-XL- $30.00

2X-4X- $32.00



Printed- $8.00

Embroidered- $12.00


VVA Watch



Veterans 'The Wall' Watch

Every name on the Wall on a microchip in the watch




Available in all colors.

Sizes S-XL printed- $28.00

2X-4X printed- $30.00

S-XL embroidered- $45.00

2X-4X embroidered- $47.00


Large Flag and Service Medal Display Case



Small Flag Display Case



Vehicle Flags - American or POW/MIA



Full Size Flags

American- 4 X 6 ft. $15.00

POW/MIA- 3 X 5 ft. $35.00



Large 44 oz.- $10.00

Water Bottle- $5.00


-Ordering Information-


Place your order below via e-mail.


Shipping and handling on most items is only $4.50

Flag Display Cases, due to their size and weight add $8.00 shipping.

Personal Checks, Money Orders and most major Credit Cards are accepted.





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